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Achievement Icon Description Notes
Charlotte Icon Saffron.png Defeat tier 4 Saffron
White Knight Icon Reva.png Defeat tier 4 Reva
Nerf This Icon Gunner.png Defeat tier 4 Gunner
Cold, Dead Hands Icon Selicy.png Defeat tier 4 Selicy
Reverse Engineering Icon Hazel.png Defeat tier 4 Hazel
Unbreakable Icon Terra.png Defeat tier 4 Terra
Gun Control Icon Shiso.png Defeat tier 4 Shiso
Silence is Golden Icon Violette.png Defeat tier 4 Violette
Eat the Rich Icon Shopkeeper.png Defeat tier 4 Shopkeeper
Happily Ever After Achievement Happily Ever After.png Spare Terrable
Terrable Achievement Terrable.png Execute Terrable
One Step From Eden Achievement One Step From Eden.png Reach the Gate
Sans-Serif Achievement Sans-Serif.png Execute Serif
Back to the Past Achievement Back to the Past.png Beat Serif and get sent back
All For One Achievement All For One.png Beat the game with every character
Knife to a Gunfight Achievement Knife to a Gunfight.png Kill Gunner or Shiso with a Slashfik.pngSlashfik spell
Calamity Achievement Calamity.png Get a Calamity spell
Arch Sage Achievement Arch Sage.png Have a spell from every Focus in your deck This can be slightly easier to achieve with Chrono Saffron, Doubletime Violette or Shopkeeper, as those kits start with 4 focuses.
Disguised Toast Achievement Disguised Toast.png Cast 10 Jam.pngJams in one battle
Desecration Achievement Desecration.png Destroy a Self Defense hazard This can be easily achieved by using Dismantle Hazel or Salvage.pngSalvage to instantly destroy a Self Destruct Turret. Enemies can also destroy it and give you the achievement.
Not Even Close Baby Achievement Not Even Close Baby.png Win a boss fight with 1 HP This can be more easily achieved by losing while the boss is Poison.pngPoisoned or standing on a Flame.pngFlame tile as they'll still take damage while they're attempting to execute you.

Other options include being saved by Reva assist and avoiding the heal pickups, playing on Hell Pass 14, or obtaining Transcendence.pngTranscendence.

Plausible Deniability Achievement Plausible Deniability.png Win a battle without using a Spell or Weapon This can be done easily with Beat Reva with the FlakJacket.pngFlak Jacket and tanking a couple of hits.

It's also possible by using Pets or other Shuffle.pngShuffle artifacts.

Hazard nodes (preferably with a Volcano or Self Defense Turret) can also be used for this achievement as well as nodes with only Jellygens or Ghosts, however these can take some time, especially in the latter case.

Solo Achievement Solo.png Have 1 Spell in your deck This can be easily achieved by playing either Solo Saffron or Bullethell Gunner.
Terraform Achievement Terraform.png Have at least 16 TileBreak.pngbroken tiles at the same time This is easily achieved by simply playing Break Terra, TileBreak.pngBreaking all the enemies tiles as well as using a TileCrack.pngCrack or TileBreak.pngBreak spell that affects your side of the field. You can do this in an empty field with just your weapon and some extra Mana.
Buzzer Beater Achievement Buzzer Beater.png Kill the last enemy with the Fadeaway.pngFadeaway spell
Cannibal Achievement Cannibal.png Kill a Hostage with the Devour.pngDevour spell
Eggs in a Basket Achievement Eggs in a Basket.png Upgrader.pngUpgrade the same spell 4 times This requires 10 Upgrader.pngUpgraders.
Hoarder Achievement Hoarder.png Have over 200 cardtridges in your deck This can be easily achieved by using Viruspell.pngViruspell or a Kunai.pngKunai deck. You can farm this achievement with Kunai Shiso.
The Best Defense Achievement The Best Defense.png Have over 9,999 Shield.pngShield This can easily be achieved by using BloodShield.pngBlood Shield, DiamondRing.pngDiamond Ring, or SumShieldgen.pngShieldgen in a Distress zone with Turrets.

Alternatively, using Build Hazel to hit a structure will work, as the game detects any entity for this achievement.

Absolute Zero Achievement Absolute Zero.png Have 0 MaxMana.pngMax Mana This can be easily achieved by playing Bullethell Gunner and taking a Pact that reduces your MaxMana.pngMax Mana.

Another option would be using LimitBreak.pngLimit Break with D (Double) upgrade.

Soulless Achievement Soulless.png Have 8 pacts at the same time This involves needing to reach a Shop zone, taking Pacts, and refreshing the stock. This requires a minimum of 120 Money-icon.pngMoney to refresh the shop 3 times.
Watch the World Burn Achievement Watch The World Burn.png Cover the entire field in flames This can be easily completed by using BackBurner.pngBack Burner (or being lucky with CarpetBomb.pngCarpet Bomb) along with Brushfire.pngBrushfire with a D (Double) upgrade.
Bravely Default Achievement Bravely Default.png Beat the game without taking any spells Removing spells is allowed.
Ascetic Achievement Ascetic.png Beat the game without collecting any Artifacts
One Shot Achievement One Shot.png Beat Hell Mode 14 This requires a lot of skill and luck. Shopkeeper or Solo Saffron having the easiest time as they have innate ways to increase their Health-icon.pngMax HP.
Otherwise, taking Pacts that increase Max HP is the best way to go about completing this achievement.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Achievement "Not Even Close Baby" is a reference to some of videogamedunkey's videos where he would have his character barely survive an encounter.
  • The Achievement "White Knight" is a reference to the organization "White Knights" from VA-11 HALL-A.[1]
  • The Achievement "Knife to a Gunfight" is a reference to the saying "Don't bring a Knife to a Gunfight". This is a shared reference with the spell Knife.pngKnife.
  • The Achievement "Terraform" is a reference to the process of "Terraforming", a forming of a planet to be similar to the earth.[2]
  • The Achievement "Buzzer Beater" is a reference to the shot "Buzzer Beater" from the real life sport Basketball.[3]
  • The Achievement "Nerf This" is a reference to a quote by D.Va from Overwatch when using her ultimate ability, Self-Destruct.[4]
  • The Achievement "Bravely Default" is a reference to the titular game series Bravely Default.[5]
  • The Achievement "Disguised Toast" is a reference to the canadian Streamer Disguised Toast.[6]
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