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Artifacts are passive upgrades for your character that can provide a variety of effects, both positive and negative.

You cannot have more than 48 artifacts at a time. Artifacts can be removed with a Removal.pngRemoval.

Artifacts List[edit | edit source]

This list contains all artifacts that can be obtained in-game.

Artifact Icon Description Rarity Unlock Level Tags ID
3D Printer ThreeDPrinter.png Add 1 Kunai.pngKunai to your deck when you Shuffle.pngShuffle.
Let me just calibrate this
Common Player, Demo, Solo ThreeDPrinter
Acupuncture Acupuncture.png Kunai.pngKunais apply Fragile.pngFragile. Rare 10 Player Acupuncture
Adaptive Armor AdaptiveArmor.png Gain 10 Defense.pngDefense for 1 second when you get hit. Common Player AdaptiveArmor
Adrenaline Adrenaline.png If below 50% health, start battles with 3 SpellPower.pngSpell Power and Haste.pngHaste. Rare Player Adrenaline
Aether Aether.png Gain Defense.pngDefense equal to your current Mana.pngMana. Epic Player Aether
Amethyst Amethyst.png Restore 0.1 Mana.pngMana when you cast a spell.
Made in the prime kindergarten
Rare Player, Demo, Gem Amethyst
Anthrax Anthrax.png Applying Poison.pngPoison deals 5 dmg. Epic Player, Solo Anthrax
Anvil Anvil.png Gain 13 Shield.pngShield when you take Flame.pngFlame damage. Common Player, Negative Anvil
Bandage Bandage.png Health-icon.pngHeal 50 to 200 HP.
Let me just wrap this around my arm and I'll be fine.
Rare Player, Miniboss, Heal, Solo Bandage
Baz's Whip BazsWhip.png 4% Chance to strike with 100 dmg Thunder when you hit a target
You can see the crackle of electricity from this whip. Can you feel the storm? It's coming.
Legendary Player BazsWhip
Beaker Beaker.png While you have Fragile.pngFragile gain 0.3 ManaRegen.pngMana Regen. Gain 1 Fragile.pngFragile at the start of battle. Rare Player Beaker
Beret Beret.png Drop Money-icon.pngMoney when you take dmg. Your Health-icon.pngMax HP equals your Money-icon.pngMoney. Legendary Player, Starting Beret
Bismuth Bismuth.png Gain 3 Shield.pngShield when you cast a spell.
Made of honor
Rare Player, Demo, Gem Bismuth
Blaze Of Glory BlazeOfGlory.png Dead enemies leave a Flame.pngFlame behind. Common Player, Demo, Solo BlazeOfGlory
Blood Money BloodMoney.png Gain 20 Money-icon.pngMoney when Execute.pngyou kill a Hostage. Epic Player, Solo BloodMoney
Blue Blood BlueBlood.png Start battles with full Mana.pngMana.
Blue blood burns bluetifully
Common Player, Demo, Solo BlueBlood
Blue Flame BlueFlame.png Lose 1 MaxMana.pngMax Mana. Gain 0.3 ManaRegen.pngMana Regen. Rare Player, Demo, Negative BlueFlame
Blueberry Jam BlueberryJam.png Jam.pngJam cards cost 1 Mana.pngMana instead of 2. Rare Player, Solo BlueberryJam
Bolt Action BoltAction.png Shuffle.pngShuffle artifacts trigger when you kill an enemy. Common Player, Solo BoltAction
Bubble Bubble.png While you have Flow.pngFlow gain 5 Defense.pngDefense. Common Player Bubble
Bulwark Bulwark Fix.png Start battles with 40 Shield.pngShield.
It's free shield estate.
Rare 0 Player, Demo Bulwark
Candy Wrapper CandyWrapper.png Relocation.pngWrap vertically around the field. Rare 38 Player, Negative CandyWrapper
Card Thrower CardThrower.png Deal 20 dmg to a random enemy when you Consume.pngConsume a card. Rare Player, Demo CardThrower
Cassidy's Scarf CassidyScarf.png Chrono.pngStop time for 5 seconds when you go below 200 HP.
Anything's possible in a dream.
Rare 12 Player, Negative, NoDuplicate, Solo CassidyScarf
Censor Bar CensorBar.png Gain 30 Shield.pngShield when you Channel.pngChannel. Common Player, Solo CensorBar
Chalice Chalice.png Gain 1 ManaRegen.pngMana Regen while Mana.pngMana is below 1.
Epic Player, Demo, Solo Chalice
Chaos Fragment ChaosFrag.png Gain random effects at the start of battle.
Seems a bit buggy.
Rare 17 Player, Negative ChaosFrag
Choco Mint Chip ChocoMintChip.png Slow.pngSlow enemies when Frost.pngFrost is applied.
The best flavor.
Common Player, Demo, Solo ChocoMintChip
Citrine Citrine.png Restore 0.2 Mana.pngMana when Flame.pngFlame dmg is dealt. Common 0 Player, Solo Citrine
Cobra Care CobraCare.png Health-icon.pngHeal for 40 HP when you take a spell. Rare Player, Heal, Solo CobraCare
Cold Blooded ColdBlooded.png All enemies start with 1 Frost.pngFrost.
Rare Player, Demo, Solo ColdBlooded
Cold Pressed Juice ColdPressedJuice.png Health-icon.pngHeal 20 HP when Frost.pngFrost dmg is dealt.
Overpriced but delicious
Epic 8 Player ColdPressedJuice
Cool Shoes CoolShoes.png Restore 0.1 Mana.pngMana on move.
Better nerf Selicy.
Legendary Player, Starting CoolShoes
Cover Fire CoverFire.png Gain 5 AtkDmg.pngAttack Damage while Shuffle.pngShuffling.
I'm going in, cover me!
Epic 0 Player, Attack, NoDuplicate CoverFire
Credit Card CreditCard.png Gain 100 Money-icon.pngMoney.
Your mom's
Rare Player, Solo CreditCard
Cryophage Cryophage.png 50% chance to apply a Frost.pngFrost stack when Poison.pngPoison damage is dealt. Common Player, Solo, NoDuplicate, Expansion, Holly Cryophage
Curacao Curacao.png Apply 40 Poison.pngPoison to a random enemy when you TrinityCast.pngTrinity Cast. Common Player, Solo Curacao
Daffodil Daffodil.png Gain 2 Removal.pngRemovals, Lose 200 Health-icon.pngMax HP. Epic 33 Player, Flower, Negative Daffodil
Dart Frog DartFrog.png Apply 4 Poison.pngPoison when a spell hits an enemy.
Jerro jerro
Legendary 18 Player, BonusRe, Solo DartFrog
Delta Delta.png Gain 3 Flow.pngFlow when you TrinityCast.pngTrinity Cast Common Player, Solo Delta
Double Edge DoubleEdge.png Gain 4 SpellPower.pngSpell Power. Lose 4 Defense.pngDefense. Rare Player, Demo, Negative DoubleEdge
Double Mint DoubleMint.png Apply 1 Frost.pngFrost after Frost.pngFrost dmg is dealt. If you have Fragile.pngFragile do it after Frost.pngFrost is applied instead. Legendary Player, Solo DoubleMint
Duct Tape DuctTape.png Lose 25% instead of 40% of your Shield.pngShield when you Shuffle.pngShuffle.
That's a lotta damage!
Rare Player, Demo, Solo DuctTape
Duel Disk DuelDisk.png Shuffle.pngShuffles are instant but add 3 Jam.pngJam to your deck. You can't manually Shuffle.pngShuffle.
Screw the rules, I have money!
Legendary 40 Player, Negative DuelDisk
Elysium Elysium.png 50% chance to trigger Flow.pngFlow Cast twice. Epic Player, Solo Elysium
Empty Bottle EmptyBottle.png Restore 3 Mana.pngMana when you kill an enemy.
It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.
Common Player, Demo, Solo EmptyBottle
Eschaton Eschaton.png Gain 1 Shield.pngShield when you move.
Reva's shield.
Legendary Player, Starting Eschaton
Explosive Tendons ExplosiveTendons.png Enemies have a chance to explode on death, dealing 40 dmg to surrounding tiles. Common Player, Demo, Solo ExplosiveTendons
Feather Feather.png Gain SpellPower.pngSpell Power equal to to half your Fragile.pngFragile stacks. Rare Player, Negative, Starting Feather
Flak Jacket FlakJacket.png Fire a 20 dmg shot when you get hit. Epic Player, Starting FlakJacket
Flash Loader FlashLoader.png Your first Shuffle.pngShuffle each battle is instant. Epic Player, Demo, NoDuplicate, Solo FlashLoader
Flechette Flechette.png Weapon hits ricochet and hit another enemy. Rare 20 Player, Attack, Demo Flechette
Fragment Fragment.png Structures fire a 40 dmg shot when they are destroyed. Epic Player, Starting, Solo Fragment
Freezer Burn FreezerBurn.png Create a Flame.pngFlame when Frost.pngFrost dmg is dealt.
How old is this...?
Legendary Player, Demo, Solo FreezerBurn
Frostmail Frostmail.png Fire a Frostbolt.pngFrostbolt when you get hit. Lose 10 SpellPower.pngSpell Power.
Revenge is a dish best served Cold.
Legendary 5 Player, Demo, Negative, BonusRe Frostmail
Gelatin Gelatin.png Gain 20 Shield.pngShield when you cast Jam.pngJam. Rare Player Gelatin
Ghost Costume GhostCostume.png Gain Invincible.pnginvincibility for 4 seconds at the start of battle.
Boo! urns.
Epic Player, Demo GhostCostume
Giant Armor GiantArmor.png Gain 10 Defense.pngDefense. Lose 0.3 ManaRegen.pngMana Regen.
The legend never dies.
Epic Player, Negative GiantArmor
Glass Cannon GlassCannon.png Gain 4 SpellPower.pngSpell Power and 1 Fragile.pngFragile at the start of battle. Common Player, Negative GlassCannon
Glass Flute Champagne.png Apply 1 Fragile.pngFragile to all enemies at the start of battle. Rare Player, BonusRe, Demo, Solo Champagne
Golden Cat GoldenCat.png Gain 1 Luck.pngLuck when you take a spell. Rare Player, Solo GoldenCat
Goldfish Goldfish.png Increase Luck.pngLuck by 15. Epic 40 Player, Negative, Solo Goldfish
Granite Granite.png Gain 10 Shield.pngShield whenever a Tile is TileBreak.pngBroken. Rare Player, Demo Granite
Grip Tape GripTape.png Kunais cost 1 Mana.pngMana but deal double damage Epic 11 Player, Negative, Solo, NoDuplicate GripTape
Hardened Shields HardenedShields.png Defense.pngDefense also reduces Shield.pngShield dmg. Rare 9 Player, Negative HardenedShields
Harpoon Harpoon.png While you have Flow.pngFlow gain 4 SpellPower.pngSpell Power. Common Player, Negative Harpoon
Heart of Gold HeartOfGold.png Health-icon.pngHeal to full health, lose 5 Defense.pngDefense. Gain 1 SpellPower.pngSpell Power and AtkDmg.pngAttack Damage. Legendary Player, Demo HeartOfGold
Heart of the Cards HeartOfTheCards.png Health-icon.pngHeal HP equal to the number of Spells in your deck at the start of battle.
It's free heal estate
Common 0 Player, Demo, Solo HeartOfTheCards
Hex Badge HexBadge.png Gain 40 Shield.pngShield when you Summon.pngSummon something. Epic Player, Starting HexBadge
Hit Seeker HitSeeker.png 10% Chance to launch a 40 dmg missile when a spell hits an enemy.
Risk of pain.
Common Player, Demo HitSeeker
Honing Steel HoningSteel.png Gain 2 AtkDmg.pngAttack Damage. Rare Player HoningSteel
Ice Floe IceFloe.png Gain 2 Flow.pngFlow stacks when Frost.pngFrost dmg is dealt. Common Player IceFloe
Ice Sculpture IceSculpture.png Apply Fragile.pngFragile when Frost.pngFrost damage is dealt. Common Player, Solo IceSculpture
Icing Icing.png Fire a Frostbolt.pngFrostbolt when you cast Jam.pngJam. Epic 7 Player Icing
Immune System ImmuneSystem.png Gain 20 Shield.pngShield whenever Poison.pngPoison dmg is dealt. Epic 14 Player ImmuneSystem
Kabob Kabob.png Gain 30 Shield.pngShield and 1 SpellPower.pngSpell Power until the end of the battle when you kill an enemy. Common Player, Solo Kabob
Kinetic Shield KineticShield.png Gain 2 Shield.pngShield when you get hit. Rare Player, Demo KineticShield
Knife Belt KnifeBelt.png Add 2 Kunai.pngKunais to your deck at the start of battle.
Stop calling me a mall ninja!
Common Player, Demo, Solo KnifeBelt
Laser Pointer LaserPointer.png 25% Chance to also shoot a laser when you cast a spell.
Go for the eyes!
Rare Player, Flower, Negative LaserPointer
Life Jacket LifeJacket.png Gain 10 Defense.pngDefense while Shuffle.pngShuffling. Common Player, NoDuplicate, Expansion, Holly LifeJacket
Lilac Lilac.png Gain 2 Upgrader.pngUpgraders. Lose 300 Health-icon.pngMax HP. Legendary 33 Player, Demo, Flower, Negative Lilac
Lily Lily.png Gain 0.3 ManaRegen.pngMana Regen. Lose 300 Health-icon.pngMax HP. Epic Player, Demo, Flower, Negative, Solo Lily
Link Cable LinkCable.png Apply Link.pngLink for 7 seconds to a random enemy at the start of battle.
1v1 me bro.
Epic Player, Demo, Solo LinkCable
Long Sleeves LongSleeves.png Add a Kunai.pngKunai to your deck when you get hit. Epic Player, Demo LongSleeves
Luck Box LuckBox.png Gain 3 Luck.pngLuck.
Never lucky.
Rare Player, Miniboss, Solo LuckBox
Lucky Coin LuckyCoin.png 50% Chance to gain 200 Money-icon.pngMoney or lose 200 Money-icon.pngMoney. Epic Player, Negative, Solo LuckyCoin
Luna Luna.png Restore 0.5 Mana.pngMana when Flow.pngOn Flow is triggered. Epic Player Luna
M1 Liofire (Artifact) GunnerFrontAll.png Replace your weapon with the GunnerFrontAll.pngM1 Liofire. Rare Player, Demo, Negative, Gunner GunnerFrontAll
M2 Hunter Seeker (Artifact) GunnerHoming.png Replace your weapon with the GunnerHoming.pngM2 Hunter Seeker. Rare Player, Demo, Negative, Gunner GunnerHoming
Magnifying Glass MagnifyingGlass.png Fragile.pngFragile increases dmg by 200% instead of 150%. Rare Player, Negative, Solo MagnifyingGlass
Mana Gem ManaGem.png Gain 1 MaxMana.pngMax Mana. Rare Base ManaGem
Mana Vein ManaVein.png Gain 0.1 ManaRegen.pngMana Regen.
I can feel it coursing through my veins!
Common Base ManaVein
Manajam ManaJam.png Gain 0.3 ManaRegen.pngMana Regen. Add 3 Jam.pngJams to your deck at the start of battle. Common Player, Demo, Negative, Solo ManaJam
Masonjar MasonJar.png Apply Fragile.pngFragile to everyone whenever you go below 1 Mana.pngMana. Epic 11 Player, Negative, Solo MasonJar
Meat Shield MeatShield.png Gain 10 Shield.pngShield when you Consume.pngConsume a card. Epic Player MeatShield
Medkit Medkit.png Health-icon.pngHeal 250 HP.
I don't need it...
Epic Base, Heal, Solo Medkit
Merit Badge MeritBadge.png Permanently gain 1 SpellPower.pngSpell Power when you save a Hostage.
Scout's honor
Epic Player, Demo MeritBadge
Micro Missiles MicroMissiles.png 50% Chance to launch a missile with weapon dmg when you use your weapon. Common Player, Demo, Attack MicroMissiles
Mining Rig MiningRig.png Gain 3 Money-icon.pngMoney after every battle.
This is good for bitcoin because
Rare Player, Solo MiningRig
Mint Tea MintTea.png Restore 1 Mana.pngMana when Frost.pngFrost dmg is dealt.
Common Player, Solo MintTea
Miracle Miracle.png Small chance to deal 999 dmg when you hit a target.
One time!
Epic Player Miracle
Mirror Mirror.png While you have Fragile.pngFragile apply Fragile.pngFragile when you hit a target. Gain 1 Fragile.pngFragile at the start of battle. Legendary Player Mirror
Mitosis Mitosis.png Poison.pngPoison has a 33% chance not to decrease. Rare Player, Solo Mitosis
Mjolnir Mjolnir.png Lightning strikes 4 tiles away every 3 seconds. Legendary Player, BonusRe, Negative, Demo Mjolnir
Molten Core MoltenCore.png Gain 3 Shield.pngShield whenever Flame.pngFlame dmg is dealt. Epic 4 Player MoltenCore
Monocle Monocle.png Gain 5 Shield.pngShield when you hit a target with Fragile.pngFragile. Common Player, Demo, Solo Monocle
Moonstone Moonstone.png Gain 0.2 ManaRegen.pngMana Regen for each TileBreak.pngBroken tile. Common 0 Player Moonstone
Mother Mother.png All Spells give Flow.pngFlow Stacks. Lose 0.2 ManaRegen.pngMana Regen. Legendary 39 Player, Negative Mother
Multitool Multitool.png Give structures 5 SpellPower.pngSpell Power when you Shuffle.pngShuffle. Common Player Multitool
Muzzle Brake MuzzleBrake.png Spells that cost 4 or more mana restore 1 mana. Common Player MuzzleBrake
Nerve Gas NerveGas.png Slow.pngSlow enemies when Poison.pngPoison damage is dealt. Common Player, Demo NerveGas
Ninjutsu Ninjutsu.png 50% Chance to add a Kunai.pngKunai to your deck when you hit a target with a Kunai.pngKunai. Legendary 13 Player Ninjutsu
Panther Habit PantherHabit.png Restore 1 Mana.pngMana when you get hit. Rare Player PantherHabit
Paper Wallet PaperWallet.png Gain 10 to 40 Money-icon.pngMoney.
I wonder how much is in here!
Rare Player, Miniboss, Solo PaperWallet
Pendulum Pendulum.png Poison.pngPoison ticks faster. Common Player, Negative, Solo, NoDuplicate, Expansion, Holly Pendulum
Pet Dragon PetDragon.png A dragon that shoots fireballs that leave Flame.pngFlames when you cast a spell. Legendary 2 Player, Demo, Solo PetDragon
Pet Fox PetFox.png A fox that shoots a slow shot that applies Root.pngRoot when you Shuffle.pngShuffle. Epic 41 Player, Solo PetFox
Pet Kitty PetKitty.png A kitty that fires Frost.pngFrost shots three ways when you cast a spell. Legendary 21 Player, Solo PetKitty
Pet Liger PetLiger.png A liger that dashes through enemies and applies Fragile.pngFragile when you Shuffle.pngShuffle. Legendary Player, Solo PetLiger
Pet Puppy PetPuppy.png A puppy that Relocation.pngpulls enemies towards you when you cast a spell.
Epic Player, Demo, Solo PetPuppy
Pet Turtle PetTurtle.png A turtle that drops a Shield.pngshield whenever it gets hit.
I like turtles.
Epic Player, Demo, Solo PetTurtle
Phase Plates PhasePlates.png Gain Invincible.pnginvincibility for 0.75 second and Fragile.pngFragile when you take dmg.
I just felt a slight pinch.
Legendary 23 Player, Negative PhasePlates
Piggy Bank PiggyBank.png Gain 4 Money-icon.pngMoney when you take a spell. Rare Player, Solo, Expansion, Holly PiggyBank
Pinwheel Pinwheel.png Gain Haste.pngHaste for 6 seconds when you Shuffle.pngShuffle.
Keep your sanity.
Common Player Pinwheel
Pocket Sand PocketSand.png Gain Invincible.pnginvincibility for 1 second when you Shuffle.pngShuffle.
Shuffle to dodge.
Epic 22 Player, BonusRe PocketSand
Pocket Watch PocketWatch.png Chrono.pngStop time for 1 second when you Shuffle.pngShuffle.
Don't forget 3.Oct.10
Epic Player, Negative, Solo PocketWatch
Poison Vial PoisonVial.png All enemies start with 20 Poison.pngPoison.
Never get involved in a land war in Asia
Common Player, BonusRe, Solo PoisonVial
Power Shard PowerShard.png Deal 10 bonus dmg when a hit deals 40 or more dmg. Rare Player PowerShard
Remove One RemoveOne.png Gain 1 Removal.pngRemoval. Epic Player, Boss, Solo RemoveOne
Rescue Badge RescueBadge.png Gain 50 Health-icon.pngMax HP when you save a Hostage. Epic Player, Demo, Solo RescueBadge
Resistant Strain ResistantStrain.png Poison.pngPoison never drops below 20, including on yourself.
I'll wait.
Rare 16 Player, Negative, Solo ResistantStrain
Riffle Riffle.png Deal 20 dmg to all enemies when you Shuffle.pngShuffle.
Common Player, Demo, Solo Riffle
RockTumbler RockTumbler.png When you Shuffle.pngShuffle, gain 2 Flow.pngFlow. Common Player RockTumbler
Roller Blades RollerBlades.png Haste.pngHaste for 2 seconds when you cast a spell.
Hold B to run faster
Epic Player RollerBlades
Rose Rose.png Gain 4 AtkDmg.pngAttack Damage. Lose 200 Health-icon.pngMax HP.
Rare Player, Demo, Flower, Negative, Attack, Solo Rose
Ruby Ruby.png Deal 5 dmg to all enemies when you cast a spell. Epic Player, Demo, Gem Ruby
Saigon Armor SaigonArmor.png Gain 4 Defense.pngDefense. Increase Shuffle.pngShuffle Time by 1 second.
Saigon Restaurant, South Plainfield NJ
Epic Player, Demo, Negative SaigonArmor
Satellite Satellite.png Hit enemies with a 40 dmg laser after they spawn. Epic Player, Demo, Solo Satellite
Scales Scales.png Gain 20 Shield.pngShield when you Shuffle.pngShuffle. Common Player, Demo Scales
Second Breakfast SecondBreakfast.png 10% Chance to duplicate a Consume.pngConsume card when you cast it. Common Player SecondBreakfast
Second Soul SubTank.png On Death, Health-icon.pngHeal 600 HP. Only works once.
Let's do that again.
Legendary 0 Player, Starting, Solo SubTank
Shadow Toxin ShadowToxin.png Kunai.pngKunais apply 20 Poison.pngPoison. Epic 14 Player, Solo ShadowToxin
Shield Battery ShieldBattery.png While below 20 Shield.pngShield, regenerate Shield.pngShield.
It just works.
Rare Player, Demo ShieldBattery
Sinkhole Sinkhole.png TileBreak.pngBreak a random enemy tile when you Shuffle.pngShuffle. Common Player, Demo, Solo Sinkhole
Snow Boots SnowBoots.png When Frost.pngFrost dmg is dealt also Root.pngRoot the target for 2 seconds. Common 7 Player, Solo SnowBoots
Soul Food SoulFood.png Gain 20 Health-icon.pngMax HP when Execute.pngyou kill a Hostage.
High in starch, fat, sodium, cholesterol, and calories
Epic Player, Demo SoulFood
Soul Gun PetSoulGun.png A gun that fires every second and restores Mana.pngMana Execute.pngwhen it kills something.
Forged by a strong will, it is said to conquer the souls of the dead.
Epic Player, Demo, Solo PetSoulGun
Speed Loader SpeedLoader.png Reduce Shuffle.pngShuffle Time by 1 second. Epic Player, Demo SpeedLoader
Spellthief License SpellthiefLicense.png Health-icon.pngHeal 100 HP when you Removal.pngRemove a Spell. Epic 34 Player SpellthiefLicense
Spike Protein SpikeProtein.png Poison.pngPoison deals an extra 20 dmg. Common Player, Negative, Demo SpikeProtein
Static Static.png Deal 40 dmg on contact.
The result of dashing around everywhere.
Rare Player, Demo Static
Step Drone StepDrone.png Shoots for 2 dmg whenever you move.
Ever play FFR?
Epic Player, Demo, Negative StepDrone
Stimpack Stimpack.png Gain 3 SpellPower.pngSpell Power. Lose 300 Health-icon.pngMax HP.
Ahh, that's the stuff.
Rare Player Stimpack
Stoplight Stoplight.png Apply Root.pngRoot for 1 second to all enemies on TrinityCast.pngTrinity Cast Common 35 Player, Solo Stoplight
Sugar Glass SugarGlass.png TileCrack.pngCrack 6 enemy Tiles at the start of battle.
Fragile but tasty.
Common Player, Demo SugarGlass
Sunglasses Sunglasses.png 50% Chance to create a Frost.pngFrost explosion when Frost.pngFrost dmg is dealt.
Cool guys don't look at explosions.
Rare Player, Negative Sunglasses
Survival Kit SurvivalKit.png Gain 2 Shield.pngShield for each spell in your deck at the start of battle. Common Player, Demo SurvivalKit
Symbiosis Symbiosis.png Gain 10 Defense.pngDefense for 10 seconds when you Summon.pngSummon something. Common Player Symbiosis
Tessellate Tessellate.png Gain 1 Trinity.pngTrinity when you Shuffle.pngShuffle. Common 35 Player, Cpu Tessellate
Thermite Thermite.png Flame.pngFlame dmg reduces target's Defense.pngDefense by 1.
This'll burn through anything.
Epic Player, Negative Thermite
Thermophage Thermophage.png Flame.pngFlame damage applies 3 Poison.pngPoison. Common Player, Negative Thermophage
Thorn Thorn.png Gain 4 SpellPower.pngSpell Power, but Shield.pngShield decays slowly.
How irregular
Legendary 18 Player, Negative, Demo Thorn
Thornmail Thornmail.png Deal 10 dmg to all enemies when you get hit.
Stop hitting yourself
Common Player, Demo Thornmail
Tight Pants TightPants.png Health-icon.pngHeal 140 HP at the start of battle. Lose 1 HP every time you move.
At least I look GOOD.
Legendary Player, BonusRe, Negative TightPants
Tinder Tinder.png Create a Flame.pngFlame when a hit deals 100 or more dmg.
Swipe right.
Legendary Player, Negative, Demo Tinder
Transcendence Transcendence.png Set Health-icon.pngMax HP to 1. Gain 1000 Shield.pngShield at the start of battle and lose less shield on Shuffle.pngShuffle.
Become 1 with everything.
Legendary 42 Player, Negative, SkipTest Transcendence
Transmission Transmission.png AtkDmg.pngWeapon dmg increased by 0.2 for each spell in your deck. Rare Player, Demo Transmission
Trap Card TrapCard.png Cast a random spell when you Shuffle.pngShuffle. Legendary Player, Demo, Solo, Expansion, Holly TrapCard
Tri-nket Trinket.png Gain 2 Trinity.pngTrinity at the start of battle. Epic Player Trinket
Trident Trident.png Hit a random enemy for dmg equal to 3x spells in your deck when you TrinityCast.pngTrinity Cast. Common Player Trident
Trifrost Trifrost.png Apply Frost.pngFrost to a random enemy on TrinityCast.pngTrinity Cast.
Connects Midgard, Asgard, and Eden.
Epic 39 Player Trifrost
Tutu Tutu.png Deal 100 damage to nearby enemies when you Shuffle.pngShuffle.
Girl's pretty dress dress - do your best now
Common Player Tutu
Umbrella Umbrella.png Give a random structure 50 Shield.pngShield when you Shuffle.pngShuffle. Common Player, Solo Umbrella
Undershirt Undershirt.png Gain 2 Defense.pngDefense. Rare Player, Miniboss Undershirt
Unicorn Bomb UnicornBomb.png Hit enemies with 40 dmg rainbows that remove a buff at the start of battle.
Don't believe unicorns are real.
Legendary 19 Player, Demo UnicornBomb
Upgrade One UpgradeOne.png Gain 1 Upgrader.pngUpgrader. Epic Player, Boss UpgradeOne
Uranium Uranium.png Gain 5 SpellPower.pngSpell Power, but lose 1 HP every second during battle.
Not great, not terrible.
Epic Player, Demo Uranium
Vaccine Vaccine.png Health-icon.pngHeal 160 HP and gain 80 Poison.pngPoison at the start of battle. Rare 19 Player, Demo, Negative, Attack Vaccine
VGun VGunMod.png Fire 2 shots diagonally when you use your weapon. Legendary Player, Negative VGunMod
Violet Violet Fix.png Gain 2 MaxMana.pngMax Mana. Lose 250 Health-icon.pngMax HP. Rare Player, Demo, Flower, Negative Violet
Viral Transmitter ViralTransmitter.png When an enemy dies, transfer their Poison.pngPoison to another enemy. Common Player, Solo, Expansion, Holly ViralTransmitter
Virtue Virtue.png Restore 1 Mana.pngMana if idle for 1 second.
Patience young padawan.
Epic Player Virtue
Water Wheel WaterWheel.png Spells that cost 0 mana give 1 Flow.pngFlow. Common Player WaterWheel
Wings Wings.png Walk over TileBreak.pngBroken tiles.
They shimmer in the darkness.
Legendary Player, BonusRe, Demo Wings
XD-40 XD40.png Jam.pngJams no longer Anchor.pngAnchor. Common Player XD40
Z-Cell ZCell.png Poison.pngPoison damage applies Fragile.pngFragile. Rare Player, Solo ZCell

AdaptiveArmor.pngAdaptive ArmorAnvil.pngAnvilBlazeOfGlory.pngBlaze Of GloryBlueBlood.pngBlue BloodBoltAction.pngBolt ActionBubble.pngBubbleCensorBar.pngCensor BarChocoMintChip.pngChoco Mint ChipCitrine.pngCitrineCryophage.pngCryophageCuracao.pngCuracaoDelta.pngDeltaEmptyBottle.pngEmpty BottleExplosiveTendons.pngExplosive TendonsGlassCannon.pngGlass CannonHarpoon.pngHarpoonHeartOfTheCards.pngHeart of the CardsHitSeeker.pngHit SeekerIceFloe.pngIce FloeIceSculpture.pngIce SculptureKabob.pngKabobKnifeBelt.pngKnife BeltLifeJacket.pngLife JacketManaJam.pngManajamMicroMissiles.pngMicro MissilesMintTea.pngMint TeaMonocle.pngMonocleMoonstone.pngMoonstoneMultitool.pngMultitoolMuzzleBrake.pngMuzzle BrakeNerveGas.pngNerve GasPendulum.pngPendulumPinwheel.pngPinwheelPoisonVial.pngPoison VialRiffle.pngRiffleRockTumbler.pngRockTumblerScales.pngScalesSecondBreakfast.pngSecond BreakfastSinkhole.pngSinkholeSnowBoots.pngSnow BootsSpikeProtein.pngSpike ProteinStoplight.pngStoplightSugarGlass.pngSugar GlassSurvivalKit.pngSurvival KitSymbiosis.pngSymbiosisTessellate.pngTessellateThermophage.pngThermophageThornmail.pngThornmailThreeDPrinter.png3D PrinterTrident.pngTridentTutu.pngTutuUmbrella.pngUmbrellaViralTransmitter.pngViral TransmitterWaterWheel.pngWater WheelXD40.pngXD-40


Acupuncture.pngAcupunctureAdrenaline.pngAdrenalineAmethyst.pngAmethystBandage.pngBandageBeaker.pngBeakerBismuth.pngBismuthBlueberryJam.pngBlueberry JamBlueFlame.pngBlue FlameBulwark Fix.pngBulwarkCandyWrapper.pngCandy WrapperCardThrower.pngCard ThrowerCassidyScarf.pngCassidy's ScarfChampagne.pngGlass FluteChaosFrag.pngChaos FragmentCobraCare.pngCobra CareColdBlooded.pngCold BloodedCreditCard.pngCredit CardDoubleEdge.pngDouble EdgeDuctTape.pngDuct TapeFeather.pngFeatherFlechette.pngFlechetteGelatin.pngGelatinGoldenCat.pngGolden CatGranite.pngGraniteGunnerFrontAll.pngM1 LiofireGunnerHoming.pngM2 Hunter SeekerHardenedShields.pngHardened ShieldsHoningSteel.pngHoning SteelKineticShield.pngKinetic ShieldLaserPointer.pngLaser PointerLuckBox.pngLuck BoxMagnifyingGlass.pngMagnifying GlassMiningRig.pngMining RigMitosis.pngMitosisPantherHabit.pngPanther HabitPaperWallet.pngPaper WalletPiggyBank.pngPiggy BankPowerShard.pngPower ShardResistantStrain.pngResistant StrainRose.pngRoseShieldBattery.pngShield BatteryStatic.pngStaticStimpack.pngStimpackSunglasses.pngSunglassesTransmission.pngTransmissionUndershirt.pngUndershirtVaccine.pngVaccineViolet Fix.pngVioletZCell.pngZ-Cell


Aether.pngAetherAnthrax.pngAnthraxBloodMoney.pngBlood MoneyChalice.pngChaliceColdPressedJuice.pngCold Pressed JuiceCoverFire.pngCover FireDaffodil.pngDaffodilElysium.pngElysiumFlakJacket.pngFlak JacketFlashLoader.pngFlash LoaderFragment.pngFragmentGhostCostume.pngGhost CostumeGiantArmor.pngGiant ArmorGoldfish.pngGoldfishGripTape.pngGrip TapeHexBadge.pngHex BadgeIcing.pngIcingImmuneSystem.pngImmune SystemLily.pngLilyLinkCable.pngLink CableLongSleeves.pngLong SleevesLuckyCoin.pngLucky CoinLuna.pngLunaMasonJar.pngMasonjarMeatShield.pngMeat ShieldMeritBadge.pngMerit BadgeMiracle.pngMiracleMoltenCore.pngMolten CorePetFox.pngPet FoxPetPuppy.pngPet PuppyPetSoulGun.pngSoul GunPetTurtle.pngPet TurtlePocketSand.pngPocket SandPocketWatch.pngPocket WatchRemoveOne.pngRemove OneRescueBadge.pngRescue BadgeRollerBlades.pngRoller BladesRuby.pngRubySaigonArmor.pngSaigon ArmorSatellite.pngSatelliteShadowToxin.pngShadow ToxinSoulFood.pngSoul FoodSpeedLoader.pngSpeed LoaderSpellthiefLicense.pngSpellthief LicenseStepDrone.pngStep DroneThermite.pngThermiteTrifrost.pngTrifrostTrinket.pngTri-nketUpgradeOne.pngUpgrade OneUranium.pngUraniumVirtue.pngVirtue


BazsWhip.pngBaz's WhipBeret.pngBeretCoolShoes.pngCool ShoesDartFrog.pngDart FrogDoubleMint.pngDouble MintDuelDisk.pngDuel DiskEschaton.pngEschatonFreezerBurn.pngFreezer BurnFrostmail.pngFrostmailHeartOfGold.pngHeart of GoldLilac.pngLilacMirror.pngMirrorMjolnir.pngMjolnirMother.pngMotherNinjutsu.pngNinjutsuPetDragon.pngPet DragonPetKitty.pngPet KittyPetLiger.pngPet LigerPhasePlates.pngPhase PlatesSubTank.pngSecond SoulThorn.pngThornTightPants.pngTight PantsTinder.pngTinderTranscendence.pngTranscendenceTrapCard.pngTrap CardUnicornBomb.pngUnicorn BombVGunMod.pngVGunWings.pngWings

Hero Unique

Beret.pngBeretCoolShoes.pngCool ShoesEschaton.pngEschatonFeather.pngFeatherFlakJacket.pngFlak JacketFragment.pngFragmentGunnerFrontAll.pngM1 LiofireGunnerHoming.pngM2 Hunter SeekerHexBadge.pngHex BadgeSubTank.pngSecond Soul

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