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How do I unlock...?[edit | edit source]

See Unlockables for a full list.

General Unlock Methods
Heroes: Defeat the boss version of that character at tier 3 or higher.
Alternate Kits: Complete the neutral route as the hero you want the alternate kit for.
Alternate Skins: Skins are unlocked by either getting an achievement or by viewing the credits roll after completing the Pacifist or Genocide routes.

How do I dodge the line attack from Violette?[edit | edit source]

You need to step on the green note tiles from prior to the line. Each of these provides shield. At lower tiers, they should provide more than enough shield to block that line and more. See Violette (Boss) for more details.

I died at the final boss, what happened?![edit | edit source]


This is a scripted event in the Neutral ending after defeating the Gate. It is still counted as a win. It is theoretically possible to survive, but it loops the game as it were the Genocide Loop route.

What are the different routes/endings?[edit | edit source]


Pacifist (Good): Defeat and spare all the bosses. Sparing or Executing the final boss only changes the final cutscene.
Neutral: Defeat all the bosses and spare at least 1 of them.
Genocide (Evil) Loop: Defeat and kill all the bosses, excluding Shopkeeper.
Genocide (Evil): Defeat and kill all the bosses, including Shopkeeper.

What is Flow/Trinity and how do they work?[edit | edit source]

Flow.pngFlow and Trinity.pngTrinity are a sort of combo system for Spells. Flow and Trinity on their own do nothing, but combined with other effects they can provide some massive benefits.

Some spells grant Flow or Trinity stacks, as seen through effect descriptions like, "Gain 2 Flow" or "Gain 1 Trinity". This on its own just gives you a stack of Flow/Trinity and nothing else.

In regards to Flow, whenever you cast any spell, you use a Flow stack. This is considered a Flow.pngFlow Cast (or On Flow Cast). Most spells have no effect from this, but some spells and artifacts benefit greatly from this. For example, Fracture.pngFracture on its own is just a single straight shot. However, if it is Flow Cast, the spell will cast twice instead. Many spells will have their icon glow green when they will be Flow Cast.

Trinity acts in a similar fashion. You can gain Trinity stacks up to 3 times, but unlike Flow, you TrinityCast.pngTrinity Cast only when you have all 3 stacks. Spells will only Trinity Cast if they specifically have an effect on Trinity Cast, noted by the effect "If Trnity is full", so it won't be wasted like Flow on non-Trinity spells. For example, Minigun.pngMinnie Gun will fire only 12 shots when you don't have 3 Trinity stacks. However if you have 2 Trinity stacks and then cast it, you'll instantly gain a third Trinity and Trinity Cast it instead, which causes Minnie Gun to cast it twice and instead fire 24 shots. Like Flow, spells will glow pink when they are able to be Trinity Cast. Note that any Trinity spells gain Trinity first, then check for Trinity Cast after, so in most cases you only need 2 stacks prior to a Trinity Cast.

What engine does OSFE use?[edit | edit source]


What languages will be officially supported?[edit | edit source]

English, Spanish, Portuguese, French Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and more!

What platforms is it on and how much does it cost??[edit | edit source]

PC/Mac/Linux Steam, Humble Store, and Nintendo Switch for $19.99 (USD)

Multiplayer?[edit | edit source]

There is local co-op and PvP.

Is there Mod Support?[edit | edit source]

Yes, for Steam Workshop and manual mods.

What about controller support?[edit | edit source]

Yes, full controller support!

Can I stream/post videos of the game[edit | edit source]

Yes, and feel free to share in #streams-vids on the Discord channel.

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