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All of the Spells are created by brands with different specialties.

Whenever the player is able to access their deck, they may choose to change which brand they want to Focus on. Each Focus increases the chance for that spell brand to show up. If "None" is selected, the player receives a bonus 2 Luck.pngBrand Focus Luck for each "None" Focus.

Anima -- It's elementary.
Frost, Flames, and Thunder
Convergence -- One for all.
Mana, Trinity, Money, Spellpower, other
Doublelift -- A sleight advantage.
Deck and Card manipulation, Jam
Hearth -- Some things are meant to be broken.
Flow, Root, and Tile destruction
Hexawan -- Yes we can.
Turrets and structures
Kinesys -- Unstoppable force.
Relocation and mobility
Miseri -- We love company.
Healing, pain, poison, and fragile
Slashfik -- Live on the edge.
Swords, blades, and Kunais
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