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Hell Passes are unlockable extra difficulty levels for more experienced players, accessible at character select before starting a run. Each Hell Pass adds a cumulative modifier that affects the difficulty of the gameplay. When the game is cleared on Normal mode for the first time, Hell Pass 01 is unlocked. Beating the game with each successive Hell Pass active will unlock the next. The highest level Hell Pass currently in the game is 14.

Hell Pass Level Icon Description Notes
0 HellPass00.png Normal game mode.
1 HellPass01.png Enemies start with random artifacts. Enemy artifacts include:
  • Gain 30 Shield.pngShield on player Shuffle.pngShuffle.
  • Gain 3 Shield whenever the enemy attacks.
  • Passively gains 1 Shield per second.
  • Gain 3 Shield whenever the player casts a Spell.
  • Gain 2 SpellPower.pngSpell Power on player Shuffle.
  • Gain 1.5 Spell Power whenever the enemy attacks.
  • Gain 5 Defense.pngDefense on player Shuffle.

This modifier may affect all enemies in encounters, bosses, and enemies summoned mid-combat. Structures do not count. Not all enemies will start with an artifact.

2 HellPass02.png More obstacles and hazards. This increases the chance of obstacles and hazards (such as Volcanoes and naturally-occurring SD turrets) appearing for every vacant tile on the field. This chance is added upon Luck and how it affects the spawning of hazards and obstacles as well. This caps out at 45 Luck, where this chance is 6.3%, in comparison to normally being capped at 5.0% at 51 Luck.
3 HellPass03.png Lower defense, no aim marker. Player loses 5 Defense.pngDefense. This modifier also removes the aim marker present 4 tiles away from the player character; effectively the same as turning it off in Settings.
4 HellPass04.png Spared bosses healing halved (1/2) As of v1.2, spared bosses now heal the player for half of their original value (400 → 200) instead of no longer healing the player.
5 HellPass05.png Max HP is reduced. Starting maximum HP is reduced by 25% of original value.
6 HellPass06.png Enemies start with 2 random artifacts. Overwrites Hell Pass 1.
7 HellPass07.png Luck starts at 20. See Luck.pngLuck.
8 HellPass08.png Enemies regenerate health. Enemies heal equal to 2% of max health every 3 seconds.
9 HellPass09.png Bosses start at tier 2. On Worlds 6 and 7, bosses will be at tier 5.
10 HellPass10.png Lose 60% of your Shield.pngShield when you Shuffle. DuctTape.pngDuct Tape reduces shield loss to 45%.
11 HellPass11.png Evil Hostages can appear. Evil medics with 250 base HP can appear in zones alongside regular Hostages. In Distress Call zones, they can replace them entirely. Their attacks inflict 40 Poison, which ignores Shield.
12 HellPass12.png Shops cost more. Price increase is at roughly 15.5%. Does not affect the costs of Upgrades, Removals or shop restocks
13 HellPass13.png All Bosses are max tier. Overwrites Hell Pass 9. Bosses start at tier 4, and on stage 6 and 7, they will cap out at tier 7.
14 HellPass14.png Start with 1 max HP. Overwrites Hell Pass 5. Max HP still can be increased through certain artifacts, such as SoulFood.pngSoul Food, Pacts, and Spells with L (Flex) upgrades. Shopkeeper can nearly negate the effects of this modifier, as while she'll still start with 1 HP, her starting artifact, Beret.pngBeret, will allow her max HP to be equivalent to her current Money.
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