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This lists all the keywords that can be found on spells and artifacts

Keyword List[edit | edit source]

Keyword Icon Description
Anchor Anchor.png Can't act/move while casting this spell.
Attack Damage AtkDmg.png Increase weapon dmg.
Backfire Backfire.png Consume card in other slot
Break TileBreak.png Can't move onto broken tiles
Channel Channel.png Can be interrupted
Chrono Chrono.png Alter the flow of time.
Consume Consume.png Remove from deck until end of battle
Crack TileCrack.png Cracked tiles become broken (can't be moved onto) when stepped off of
Defense Defense.png Reduces dmg taken by 1 per Defense
Execute Execute.png If the spell kills an enemy
Flame Flame.png Deals 140 dmg over 5 seconds
Flow Flow.png Gain X Flow (Lose 1 Flow when you cast a spell)
Flow Cast Flow.png If you have at least 1 Flow, trigger an effect when you cast this spell
Fragile Fragile.png Target takes 1.5x dmg for X hits!
Frost Frost.png Stack 3 times to deal 150 bonus dmg!
Haste Haste.png Movement speed is doubled
Heal Health-icon.png Recovery missing HP.
HP Health-icon.png Amount of life remaining.
Invincible Invincible.png Cannot get hit.
Link Link.png Target takes dmg when anything else takes dmg!
Luck Luck.png Raises loot rarity, but also raises difficulty
Mana Mana.png Resource to cast spells.
Mana Regen ManaRegen.png Mana gained per second
Max HP Health-icon.png Maximum amount of HP.
Max Mana MaxMana.png Maximum amount of Mana.pngMana.
Money Money-icon.png Resource used to purchase items in the Shop.
Poison Poison.png Deals dmg after 4 seconds, then gets halved
Reflect Reflect.png Reflect attacks
Relocation Relocation.png Move a target.
Removal Removal.png Can be used to Remove a card from your deck
Root Root.png Prevent movement
Shield Shield.png Blocks X incoming dmg. Lose 40% of your Shield when you Shuffle
ShieldExte ShieldExte.png Blocks X incoming dmg with a wide Shield.pngShield. (Reva (Boss) only)
Shuffle Shuffle.png Restock all Spells in the deck.
Slow Slow.png Movement speed is halved.
Spell Power SpellPower.png Increase spell dmg
Summon Summon.png Summon a structure with X HP
Trinity Trinity.png Gain 1 Trinity (stack up to 3)
Trinity Cast TrinityCast.png If you have 3 Trinity stacks, trigger an effect when you cast this spell
Upgrader Upgrader.png Can be used to Upgrade a card in your deck
Stats Health-icon.pngMax HPHealth-icon.pngHPHealth-icon.pngHealMaxMana.pngMax ManaMana.pngManaManaRegen.pngMana Regen
Defense.pngDefenseAtkDmg.pngAttack DamageSpellPower.pngSpell Power
Effects Fragile.pngFragileFrost.pngFrostLink.pngLinkPoison.pngPoisonSlow.pngSlowRelocation.pngRelocationRoot.pngRoot
Flow.pngFlowFlow.pngFlow CastExecute.pngExecuteTrinity.pngTrinityTrinityCast.pngTrinity Cast
Deck Backfire.pngBackfireConsume.pngConsumeShuffle.pngShuffleUpgrader.pngUpgraderRemoval.pngRemoval
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