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Fandom wiki representative[edit source]

Pcj talk  •  contribs

Community administrators[edit source]

None (Apply here!)

Developer administrators[edit source]

ThomasMoonKang talk  •  contribs
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One Step From Eden Wiki is a community project run entirely by volunteers to provide information for the game.

Our community of editors is open to anyone. If you would like to join in:

  • Register
    • While you can edit anonymously, a free account makes it easier to keep track of your own edits.
  • Be bold
    • There's no need to wait. Jump right in and start editing. Check out the roadmap below, or start by fixing small things like spelling, grammar, or other errors you come across.
  • Recent changes
  • Community discussion
    • Check out the #wiki channel on the official Discord server for real time discussion.
    • Or add to our Talk pages to start discussing things here.

Wiki Roadmap[edit source]

Admin[edit source]

  • Set up enemy tooltips at some point
  • Template Documentation
  • Set up existing Hero/Kit and Weapon info to be used in Cargo.

General[edit source]

  • Dig through demo or old infomation for juicy Trivia information
  • As well as generating patterns via {{Infobox Playfield}}, maybe start getting .gifs of things as well

How to Play[edit source]

  • Flesh out more details
  • Add pretty screenshots and diagrams

Worlds and Zones[edit source]

  • Figure out what we want on these pages

Heroes[edit source]

  • Add strategy and tips to each character's kit
  • Considering changing to Characters as characters are not necessarily "Heroes"?

Spells[edit source]

  • Add descriptions and strategy to all spells
  • Adding as much of the Spells.xml file as we can as possible to each respective spell

Spell Page Status

Anima.pngAnima[edit source]

Spell Description Strategy
ColdMedicine.pngCold Medicine Filled Filled
Firewall.pngFirewall Filled Filled
FrostBarrage.pngFrost Barrage Filled Filled
Frostbolt.pngFrostbolt Filled Filled
ThunderLight.pngMini Thunder Filled Filled
PekayFire.pngPekay Fire Filled Filled
Thunder.pngThunder Filled Filled
BackBurner.pngBack Burner Filled Filled
Brushfire.pngBrushfire Filled Filled
ColdSnap.pngCold Snap Filled Filled
Combust.pngCombust Filled Filled
Cryokinesis.pngCryokinesis Filled Filled
Ember.pngEmber Filled Filled
Frostbite.pngFrostbite Filled Filled
IceSpikes.pngIce Spikes Filled Filled
RingOfFire.pngRing Of Fire Filled Filled
Salamander.pngSalamander Filled Filled
StormThunder.pngThunderstorm Filled Filled
Twinferno.pngTwinferno Filled Filled
StormBlizzard.pngBlizzard Filled Filled
CarpetBomb.pngCarpet Bomb Filled Filled
StormFire.pngFirestorm Filled Filled
StormIce.pngHailstorm Filled Filled
Hockey.pngIce Hockey Filled Filled
IceNeedle.pngIce Needle Filled Filled
Pyroblast.pngPyroblast Filled Filled
Rage.pngRage Filled Filled
Wildfire.pngWildfire Filled Filled
Flamberge Fix.pngFlamberge Filled Filled
Explosion.pngEXPLOSION! Filled Filled
Fimbulveter.pngFimbulveter Filled Filled

Convergence.pngConvergence[edit source]

Spell Description Strategy
Boomerang.pngBoomerang Filled Filled
HiredGun.pngHired Gun Filled Filled
ManaCatch.pngMana Potion Filled Filled
ManaSteal.pngMana Steal Filled Filled
Meditate.pngMeditate Filled Filled
TriShot.pngTri Shot Filled Filled
Focus.pngFocus Filled Filled
Incline.pngIncline Filled Filled
Sequencer.pngSequencer Filled Filled
TriRag.pngTri Rag Filled Filled
Whirl.pngWhirl Filled Filled
Amalgam.pngAmalgam Filled Filled
ChargeRing.pngCharge Ring Filled Filled
EmpowerRing.pngEmpower Ring Filled Filled
Innervate.pngInnervate Filled Filled
LimitBreak.pngLimit Break Filled Filled
ManaFusion.pngMana Fusion Filled Filled
Ping.pngPing Filled Filled
SapphireRing.pngSapphire Ring Filled Filled
PowerSaws.pngPower Saws Filled Filled
SeraCannon.pngSera Cannon Filled Filled
TriForce.pngTri Force Filled Filled

Doublelift.pngDoublelift[edit source]

Spell Description Strategy
Jam.pngJam Filled Filled
LaserSolo.pngSkewer Filled Filled
AmbientBurst.pngAmbient Burst Filled Filled
DeckSlam.pngDeck Slam Filled Filled
JamCannon.pngJam Cannon Filled Filled
JamSlam.pngJam Slam Filled Filled
LaserTriple.pngRailgun Filled Filled
TimeSlow.pngTime Slow Filled Filled
Echo.pngEcho Filled Filled
Fling.pngFling Filled Filled
Switchbait.pngSwitchbait Filled Filled
Viruspell.pngViruspell Filled Filled
Gambit.pngGambit Filled Filled
Preload.pngPreload Filled Filled
Sustain.pngSustain Filled Filled
TimeStop.pngTime Stop Filled Filled
Trisect.pngTrisect Filled Filled
Unleash.pngUnleash Filled Filled
Midnight.pngMidnight Filled Filled

Glimmer.pngGlimmer[edit source]

Spell Description Strategy
Crossfire.pngCrossfire Filled Filled
ZigZag.pngZigZag Filled Filled
Breakout.pngBreakout Filled Filled
DiagBeam.pngDiag Beam Filled Filled
Energizer.pngEnergizer Filled Filled
ShatterSaw.pngShattersaw Blank Blank
SoulFire.pngSoul Fire Filled Filled
Zenith.pngZenith Filled Filled
Circuit.pngCircuit Blank Blank
Glaive.pngGlaive Filled Filled
Resonate.pngResonate Filled Filled
Shine.pngShine Filled Filled
EternityCannon.pngEternity Cannon Filled Filled
Glitterbomb.pngGlitterbomb Incomplete Blank
StormGlitter.pngGlitterstorm Filled Filled
InfinityBeam.pngInfinity Beam Filled Filled
SolarBeam.pngSolar Beam Filled Filled
SolarCharge.pngSolar Charge Filled Filled
SpiritSword.pngSpirit Sword Filled Filled
Sunshine.pngSunshine Filled Filled

Hearth.pngHearth[edit source]

Spell Description Strategy
ColdStone.pngColdstone Incomplete Filled
EarthenArmor.pngEarthen Armor Blank Filled
Fracture.pngFracture Incomplete Filled
IonCannon.pngIon Cannon Incomplete Blank
RockCycle.pngRock Cycle Blank Filled
SwordLine.pngSword Row Incomplete Blank
TileFire.pngTile Fire Blank Blank
Tremor.pngTremor Blank Blank
EarthPrayer.pngEarth Prayer Blank Blank
EarthWyrm.pngEarth Wyrm Blank Blank
Entangle.pngEntangle Blank Blank
Excavate.pngExcavate Blank Blank
Fissure.pngFissure Blank Blank
FlatEarth.pngFlat Earth Blank Incomplete
FlintShot.pngFlint Shot Blank Blank
MissileTow.pngMissiletoe Blank Blank
OrbitalBeam.pngOrbital Beam Blank Blank
Wreath.pngWreath Incomplete Blank
Prophecy.pngProphecy Blank Blank
RockTomb Fix.pngRock Tomb Blank Blank
StormSword.pngSwords of Light Blank Blank
Waterfall.pngWaterfall Blank Blank

Hexawan.pngHexawan[edit source]

Spell Description Strategy
Minefield.pngMinefield Blank Filled
Minigun.pngMinnie Gun Incomplete Filled
ShardToss.pngShard Toss Blank Blank
Shotgun.pngShotgun Incomplete Incomplete
Volley.pngVolley Blank Blank
SumBeacon.pngBeacon Blank Blank
BeamCrystals.pngBeam Crystals Incomplete Blank
BlastCrystals.pngBlast Crystals Incomplete Blank
BlueBullets.pngBlue Bullets Incomplete Blank
BombToss.pngBomb Toss Filled Filled
Bombard.pngBombard Blank Blank
SumTurretgun.pngGun Turret Incomplete Blank
ManaLattice.pngMana Lattice Blank Blank
Salvage.pngSalvage Blank Blank
SumShieldgen.pngShieldgen Incomplete Incomplete
Sweeper.pngSweeper Blank Blank
SumWall.pngWall Blank Blank
CrossturretToss.pngCross Turret Incomplete Blank
SumTurretLaser.pngLaser Turret Incomplete Blank
Mine.pngMine Blank Blank
Sidewinder.pngSidewinder Blank Blank
SumTurretSD.pngTurret SD Incomplete Blank
Castle.pngCastle Blank Blank
SumGrail.pngGrail Incomplete Blank
SumMonument.pngMonument Incomplete Blank
SuperMinigun.pngSuper Minnie Gun Blank Blank

Kinesys.pngKinesys[edit source]

Spell Description Strategy
AirSlash.pngAir Slash Blank Blank
KineticWave.pngKinetic Wave Blank Blank
Undertow.pngUndertow Blank Blank
Upwind.pngUpwind Blank Blank
Align.pngAlign Incomplete Incomplete
BowSnipe.pngBow Snipe Incomplete Blank
Caltrops.pngCaltrops Blank Blank
ClawTraps.pngClaw Traps Blank Blank
Fadeaway.pngFadeaway Blank Blank
ForcePushDown.pngKnock Down Blank Blank
Northwind.pngNorthwind Blank Blank
Pull.pngPull Blank Blank
ForcePushUp.pngPush Up Blank Blank
TractorBeam.pngTractor Beam Blank Blank
Wobble.pngWobble Blank Blank
Blink.pngBlink Blank Blank
Flurry.pngFlurry Blank Blank
HyperBeam.pngHyper Beam Blank Blank
Skipper.pngSkipper Blank Blank
Tsunami.pngTsunami Blank Blank
WarpRays.pngWarp Rays Blank Blank
Monsoon.pngMonsoon Blank Blank

Miseri.pngMiseri[edit source]

Spell Description Strategy
Anubis.pngAnubis Blank Blank
Glassify.pngGlassify Blank Blank
PoisonDart.pngPoison Dart Blank Blank
Revenge.pngRevenge Incomplete Blank
AcidRain.pngAcid Rain Incomplete Blank
Backstab.pngBackstab Filled Blank
BoosterShot.pngBooster Shot Filled Filled
Detox.pngDetox Blank Blank
Leech.pngLeech Blank Blank
Pinch.pngPinch Filled Filled
PoisonTail.pngPoison Tails Blank Blank
Rest.pngRest Blank Blank
Showdown.pngShowdown Blank Blank
SludgeBomb.pngSludge Bomb Filled Filled
SoulLink.pngSoul Link Blank Blank
Transfuse.pngTransfuse Blank Blank
Twoxin.pngTwoxin Blank Blank
Corset.pngCorset Incomplete Blank
Devour.pngDevour Blank Blank
DoubleTap.pngDouble Tap Blank Blank
HealthCatch.pngHealth Potion Blank Blank
Hellfire.pngHellfire Blank Blank
Pandemic.pngPandemic Blank Blank
Smog.pngSmog Blank Blank
Venoshock.pngVenoshock Blank Blank
BloodShield.pngBlood Shield Filled Filled
Cynet.pngCynet Blank Blank

Phalanx.pngPhalanx[edit source]

Spell Description Strategy
ShieldCatch.pngShield Catch Filled Filled
ShieldsUp.pngShields Up Incomplete Filled
CounterStrike.pngCounter Strike Filled Filled
Entrench.pngEntrench Incomplete Filled
FateShield.pngFate Shield Filled Filled
MissMeShield.pngMiss-Me Shield Blank Blank
Reflector.pngReflector Blank Blank
ShieldBeam.pngShield Beam Blank Blank
ShieldThrow.pngShield Throw Blank Blank
DiamondRing.pngDiamond Ring Incomplete Blank
Forte.pngForte Blank Blank
IronWill.pngIron Will Blank Filled
SpellShield.pngSpell Shield Blank Blank
SteelSkin.pngSteel Skin Blank Blank
BlessingOfSusano.pngBlessing of Susano'o Incomplete Blank
IceShield.pngIce Shield Blank Incomplete
Stasis.pngStasis Blank Blank

Slashfik.pngSlashfik[edit source]

Spell Description Strategy
MatKunais.pngDoubletake Filled Filled
Kunai.pngKunai Filled Filled
MagicClaw.pngMagic Claw Filled Filled
Swipe.pngSwipe Filled Filled
BladeBayToss.pngBlade Bay Filled Filled
BladeThrow.pngBouncing Blade Blank Blank
Knife.pngKnife Incomplete Blank
StepPierce.pngStep Pierce Blank Blank
StepSlash.pngStep Slash Filled Blank
BladeRain.pngBlade Rain Blank Blank
CollectRing.pngCollect Ring Incomplete Blank
LastLetter.pngLast Letter Incomplete Blank
Blackout.pngBlackout Blank Blank
Guillotine.pngGuillotine Blank Blank
Ragnarok.pngRagnarok Incomplete Blank
Vivisection.pngVivisection Blank Blank
Bladeskrieg.pngBladeskrieg Blank Blank
Excalibur.pngExcalibur Blank Blank
StepFury.pngFury Blank Blank
LifeSword.pngLifesword Blank Blank
Scavenge.pngScavenge Blank Incomplete
Warpath.pngWarpath Blank Blank

Artifacts[edit source]

  • Add descriptions and strategy to all artifacts

Enemies[edit source]

  • Proofread and refine
  • Add description and strategies to each enemy
  • Figure out how to get the other tier filters, so we don't have hundreds of enemy image files

Bosses[edit source]

  • Add patterns to all bosses
  • Add individual headings to each boss pattern
    • Copy each pattern to their respective Spell

Mechanics[edit source]

  • Fill in descriptions and strategies.
  • Add ids

Glossary[edit source]

  • Add any definitions that may be unfamiliar to players, new and old.

Modding[edit source]

  • Add descriptions to parameters and members in Manual pages.

Seeds[edit source]

  • Figure out how to layout this page.