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Seeds are a 10 character string that randomizes the game. Any can be used, including Unicode characters that may display as unsupported (placeholder 𞲬) but will still affect the RNG in different way. Using a Seed negates the possible 2 random Artifacts award for a previously successful run but this reward remains pending until the first unseeded game is started.

Seeds affect
  • Worlds
  • Zones
  • Battle Layouts
  • Rewards
Seeds are affected by
  • Character (Not Kit)
  • Hell Pass Level

One exception is that a Spell card won't appear as reward when it is already in deck: in this case it will be replaced by a different card. In that sense the Kit may still affect the rewards indirectly.

First Zones with chests are particularly versatile as they can apply to several characters (the item contained may then be different as well). Also, during Item Reward screen the deck can be opened to select Focuses and possibly further alter the Spells rewarded.

Since Hell Passes became individually selectable it is difficult to comprehensively list each and every possibility. For v1.5+ any HellPass listed can refer to that HellPass only with no other selected (,), otherwise they could be noted as several combined (+).

Seeds[edit | edit source]

Version Seed Character Hell Pass First Zone First Items Notes
PC 1.4.2 ---------- Saffron 6-14 Ruins (Reva) Switchbait.pngSwitchbaitBladeRain.pngBlade RainRevenge.pngRevenge Switchbait.pngSwitchbait Solo Saffron Seed
PC 1.4.2 0 Saffron 0 BlueBullets.pngBlue BulletsMissileTow.pngMissiletoeUpwind.pngUpwind Hostage in first Zone
PC 1.4.2 0 Saffron 1-5 IronWill.pngIron WillLaserSolo.pngSkewerPekayFire.pngPekay Fire
PC 1.4.2 0 Saffron 6-14 LimitBreak.pngLimit BreakHealthCatch.pngHealth PotionPekayFire.pngPekay Fire
PC 1.4.2 1 Saffron 6-14 DoubleTap.pngDouble TapTileFire.pngTile FireUpwind.pngUpwindVGunMod.pngVGun Chest in first Zone
PC 1.4.2 2 Saffron 6-14 Fire (Gunner) Minigun.pngMinnie GunUndertow.pngUndertowGlassify.pngGlassify
PC 1.6.0 Zero Saffron 0 Ruins (Reva) Anubis.pngAnubisAmbientBurst.pngAmbient BurstSwitchbait.pngSwitchbait Hostage in first Zone
PC 1.6.0 112 Saffron 0,11 Ruins (Terra) Smog.pngSmogSwitchbait.pngSwitchbaitThunder.pngThunder Thunder.pngThunder is replaced by ThunderLight.pngMini Thunder (Default) or SwordLine.pngSword Row (Chrono)
PC 1.6.0 MakeYouWet Saffron 0,7,11 Arctic (Selicy) Goldfish.pngGoldfish Chest in first Zone, on HP07 first Spells rewarded can appear with Upgrade.

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