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The Shop is a zone where the Shopkeeper resides. It has a very high chance to show up once in each World, so take advantage of it when you can. Here she will sell you Spells, Artifacts, and Services for Money. She also provides Pacts for a cost.

If the player does at least 100 damage to the Shopkeeper or enters the Shop excessively (30 times), the Shopkeeper will become aggressive and a boss battle starts. If the player kills the Shopkeeper, the Shop zone no longer shows up.

Spells[edit | edit source]

The Shopkeeper sells 2 random Spells that are removed from the Shop on purchase.

Rarity Price Dark Price Hell Pass 12+ Price Dark Hell Pass 12+ Price
Common Money-icon.png35 Health-icon.png70 Money-icon.png40 Health-icon.png80
Rare Money-icon.png50 Health-icon.png100 Money-icon.png58 Health-icon.png116
Epic Money-icon.png65 Health-icon.png130 Money-icon.png75 Health-icon.png150
Legendary Money-icon.png80 Health-icon.png160 Money-icon.png82 Health-icon.png164
Calamity Money-icon.png95 Health-icon.png190 Money-icon.png109 Health-icon.png218

Artifacts[edit | edit source]

The Shopkeeper sells 2 random Artifacts and 1 random basic Artifacts that are removed from the Shop on purchase. The basic Artifacts are Medkit.pngMedkit, ManaGem.pngMana Gem, and ManaVein.pngMana Vein.

Rarity Price Dark Price Hell Pass 12+ Price Dark Hell Pass 12+ Price
Common Money-icon.png70 Health-icon.png140 Money-icon.png80 Health-icon.png160
Rare Money-icon.png90 Health-icon.png180 Money-icon.png104 Health-icon.png208
Epic Money-icon.png110 Health-icon.png220 Money-icon.png126 Health-icon.png252
Legendary Money-icon.png130 Health-icon.png260 Money-icon.png150 Health-icon.png300

Services[edit | edit source]

Refresh Stock[edit | edit source]

Shop Refresh stock.png

  • Cost: 30 Money-icon.pngMoney +10 for each additional refresh. Cost resets when visiting a new Shop.
  • Effect: Removes all current Spells, Artifacts, and Pacts in the Shop and refreshes with new ones.

[edit | edit source]

Shop Donate blood.png

  • Cost: 100 Health-icon.pngHP
  • Effect: Gain 20 Money-icon.pngMoney, with the gain decreasing every donation (20, 16, 12, 9, 7, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1). Gain resets back to 20 when visiting a new Shop.
  • The Shopkeeper prevents you from donating if you don't have enough HP.

Upgrade Spell[edit | edit source]

Shop Upgrade spell.png

  • Cost: 60 Money-icon.pngMoney +10 for each additional purchase. Cost does not reset.
  • Effect: Gain an Upgrader.pngUpgrader. This does not count as an artifact.

Remove Spell[edit | edit source]

Shop Remove spell.png

  • Cost: 65 Money-icon.pngMoney. Once per Shop.
  • Effect: Gain an Removal.pngRemoval. This does not count as an artifact.

Pacts[edit | edit source]

Pacts are challenges that immediately reward the player upon accepting them, but carry a penalty for a set amount of battles as marked on the card. The Challenges and Rewards are random upon Pact generation, but they are clearly listed on the card.

Do note that Pacts can be removed with a Removal.pngRemoval. This will remove the Challenge, however the player will still keep the reward. This is a very strong Strategy when it comes to Pacts that have good rewards (like Health-icon.pngMax HP or Luck.pngLuck) but have extremely dangerous Challenges (Sell Location or Sell Skin).

Challenges[edit | edit source]

Take 140 damage.
ID: ChalDamage
Lose 100 Defense.pngDefense. (Battles: 0/1)
ID: ChalDefense
Create Flame.pngFlames on random tiles during battle. (Battles: 0/3)
ID: ChalFire
Start battles with 9 Fragile.pngFragile. (Battles: 0/3)
ID: ChalFragile
Enemies have a 50% chance to fire a missile on hit. (Battles: 0/3)
ID: ChalHeat
Lose 2 Money-icon.pngMoney when you take a hit. (Battles: 0/3)
ID: ChalInsurance
Relocation.pngTeleport to the inverse tile when you cast a Spell. (Battles: 0/2)
ID: ChalLocation
Hit self for 5 dmg when you cast a Spell. (Battles: 0/1)
ID: ChalMagic
Halved ManaRegen.pngMana Regen. (Battles: 0/2)
ID: ChalManaRegen
Lose 2 MaxMana.pngMax Mana. (Battles: 0/1)
ID: ChalMaxMana
Take 1 dmg every time you move. (Battles: 0/2)
ID: ChalMove
Shield.pngShield decays quickly. (Battles: 0/2)
ID: ChalShield
Increase Shuffle.pngShuffle Time by 4 seconds. (Battles: 0/2)
ID: ChalShuffleTime
Lose 30 SpellPower.pngSpell Power. (Battles: 0/1)
ID: ChalSpellPower
Swords hit your tile during battle. (Battles: 0/3)
ID: ChalSword
Lose 5 Money-icon.pngMoney when you Shuffle.pngShuffle. (Battles: 0/2)
ID: ChalWallet

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Name Reward ID
Money Gain 25 Money-icon.pngMoney. RichesGain
Max HP Gain 150 Health-icon.pngMax HP. MaxHPGain
Luck Gain 5 Luck.pngLuck. LuckGain
Upgraders Gain 1 Upgrader.pngUpgrader. UpgradeGain
Removals Gain 1 Removal.pngRemoval. RemovalGain
Heal Health-icon.pngHeal 150 HP. HealGain

Dark Shop[edit | edit source]

If players take the Dark route, the Shopkeeper will sell Artifacts and Spells in exchange for the player's Health-icon.pngHP instead.

Shopkeeper Lines[edit | edit source]

Event Normal Dark Playing as Shopkeeper
Entering Field
  • Wanna buy something? Just open the Deck!
  • Hey there! Check out my stuff. Just open the Deck!
  • [None.]
Opening Menu
  • Shopkeep has wares if you have coin.
  • Hi there!
  • Welcome!
  • Hey you're back!
  • Buy something!
  • Sunshine!
  • Check out my stuff!
  • See anything you like?
  • Pacts are free! Technically...
  • Would you like to Upgrade a Spell? It costs 1 extra Upgrader for each existing upgrade on a Spell!
  • Out of stock: You'll need to order more stuff.
  • Welcome...
  • It's late.
  • You again?
  • What are you up to?
  • Hurry up and buy something.
  • Right before closing... of course.
  • Out of stock: We're... sold out.
  • Let's see...
  • Hmm, what do I want?
  • Wish I had a bigger shop.
  • Out of stock: I need to order more stuff.
  • Out of stock: Like checking an empty fridge.
Buying Spells/Artifacts
  • Great choice!
  • Thanks!
  • Money!
  • Yayifications!
  • Worth it?
  • This might hurt.
  • I'll be looking out for your dead body...
  • No refunds.
  • Muahaha... ha.
  • Oof.
  • Thanks!
  • Stop hitting yourself.
  • Banana... buck!
  • I'll... replace this later!
  • Mhmm.
  • I'll be taking this.
  • Mine.
  • Actually, I'll keep this one.
  • Oops, how did this get here?
Buying Services (Upgraders/Removers)
  • Good luck!
  • You got this!
  • I guess those are for sale too.
  • You sure you don't want anything else?
  • Buy some spells too.
  • I have artifacts for sale!
  • Anything else?
  • Check out the left side of the store!
  • I can do this.
  • What a deal!
  • Easy.
Not Enough Money
  • You need more money for that!
  • You don't have enough...
  • Go away.
  • I'm broke!
  • Maybe I should've sold some of this stuff instead.
Not Enough HP
  • You need more blood for that...
  • Careful now.
  • You're running dry.
  • Your body can't afford it.
  • Hehe, you sure about that? I'd hate to kill a paying customer.
  • I need more HP first.
  • Umm...
  • Maybe not.
Donating Blood
  • You might feel a slight pinch!
  • Owch.
  • Heh.
  • Interesting choice.
  • Really?
  • *winces*
Clicking Shopkeeper
  • Poke
  • Yes.
  • No.
  • I'm... not for sale.
  • I'm not easily amused.
  • I have over 300 confirmed lines.
  • Great choice! As if i would have any bad choices.
  • Excuse me.
  • ...mhmm.
  • I think the real question is why you're letting me stab you just for a few items.
  • Make money money make money!
  • I sell to live and live to sell!
  • New stuff!
  • Restock!
  • You want more?
  • More choices!
Out of Removers
  • Sorry, I'll grab some more for you next time!
  • We're out.
  • I don't have any more of those.
Trying to restock while restocking is in progress
  • Hey, give me a minute!
  • Calm. Down.
  • Come on, come on!

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • "Banana... Buck" is a quote from the Arrested Development episode Top Banana.[1]
  • "I have over 300 confirmed lines." is a reference to the line "...I have over 300 confirmed kills." in the Navy Seal Copypasta meme.[2]
  • "Yayifications!" is a quote from Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale.[3]
  • "Make money money make money!" is similar to the lyrics from Make Money Money by John Reuben.[4]
  • "Shopkeep has wares if you have coin." is a reference to a line "Khajiit has wares, if you have coin." in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.[1]
  • Pressing the shuffle button while in the shop screen will cause the the shopkeeper to react mildly amused, as if it was being tickled.
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