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One Step From Eden features many unlockables.

General Unlock Methods
Defeat the boss version of that character from Tier 3 (World 4 in Normal Mode) and onward.
Alternate Kits
Complete the neutral route as the hero you want the alternate kit for.
Alternate Skins
Skins are unlocked by either getting an achievement or by viewing the credits roll after completing the Pacifist or Genocide routes.
Hell Passes
Complete the game to unlock the first Hell Pass, then complete each subsequent Hell Pass to unlock the next levels.

Unlockable Hero Kits and Skins[edit | edit source]

Hero Type Name Unlock By
Icon Saffron.png
Kit Chrono Reaching Unlock Level 2
Kit Solo Executing Serif with Yami.pngYami as Default or Chrono Saffron.
Skin Hero SaffronLea.png
Completing the Calamity achievement.
Skin Hero SaffronLegacy.png
Completing the Arch Sage achievement.
Skin Hero SaffronWitch.png
Reaching the credit roll by completing the Pacifist or Genocide route as Saffron.
Icon Reva.png
Kit Shield Reaching Unlock Level 6 or defeating Reva (Boss) at Tier 3 and above.
Kit Beat Defeating the Gate as Shield Reva.
Skin Hero RevaCyber.png
Reaching the credit roll by completing the Pacifist or Genocide route as Reva or completing the The Best Defense achievement.
Icon Gunner.png
Kit Manafire Defeating Gunner (Boss) at Tier 3 and above.
Kit Bullethell Defeating the Gate as Manafire Gunner.
Skin Hero GunnerBuccaneer.png
Reaching the credit roll by completing the Pacifist or Genocide route as Gunner or completing the Solo achievement.
Icon Selicy.png
Kit Snow Defeating Selicy (Boss) at Tier 3 and above.
Kit Invade Defeating the Gate as Snow Selicy.
Skin Hero SelicyCatgirl.png
Reaching the credit roll by completing the Pacifist or Genocide route as Selicy or completing the Knife to a Gunfight achievement.
Icon Hazel.png
Kit Build Defeating Hazel (Boss) at Tier 3 and above.
Kit Teardown Defeating the Gate as Build Hazel.
Skin Hero HazelPriestess.png
Reaching the credit roll by completing the Pacifist or Genocide route as Hazel or completing the Absolute Zero achievement.
Icon Terra.png
Kit Break Defeating Terra (Boss) at Tier 3 and above.
Kit Pyro Defeating the Gate as Break Terra.
Skin Hero TerraDreadwyrm.png
Dreadwyrm Heir
Reaching the credit roll by completing the Pacifist or Genocide route as Terra or completing the Terraform achievement.
Skin Boss TerraDark.png
Reaching the credit roll with Hell Pass 7 active.
Icon Shiso.png
Kit Execute Defeating Shiso (Boss) at Tier 3 and above.
Kit Kunai Defeating the Gate as Execute Shiso.
Skin Hero ShisoCowboy.png
High Noon
Reaching the credit roll by completing the Pacifist or Genocide route as Shiso or completing the Not Even Close Baby achievement.
Icon Violette.png
Kit Doubletime Defeating Violette (Boss) at Tier 3 and above.
Kit Aria Defeating the Gate as Doubletime Violette.
Skin Hero VioletteJRock.png
Reaching the credit roll by completing the Pacifist or Genocide route as Violette or completing the Buzzer Beater achievement.
Icon Shopkeeper.png
Kit Money Defeating Shopkeeper (Boss).
Skin Hero ShopcreeperLegacy.png
Reaching the credit roll as Shopkeeper.

Unlockable Spells[edit | edit source]

Spell Icon Unlock Level
Sera Cannon SeraCannon.png 1
EXPLOSION! Explosion.png 1
Salamander Salamander.png 2
Back Burner BackBurner.png 3
Flamberge Flamberge Fix.png 3
Brushfire Brushfire.png 4
Frostbite Frostbite.png 5
Ice Shield IceShield.png 6
Fimbulveter Fimbulveter.png 6
Miss-Me Shield MissMeShield.png 8
Fate Shield FateShield.png 9
Blood Shield BloodShield.png 10
Scavenge Scavenge.png 12
Collect Ring CollectRing.png 13
Venoshock Venoshock.png 15
Monsoon Monsoon.png 15
Backstab Backstab.png 16
Twoxin Twoxin.png 17
Sidewinder Sidewinder.png 20
Amalgam Amalgam.png 21
Echo Echo.png 22
Flint Shot FlintShot.png 23
Blade Rain BladeRain.png 24
Bladeskrieg Bladeskrieg.png 24
Charge Ring ChargeRing.png 25
Excalibur Excalibur.png 25
Beam Crystals BeamCrystals.png 26
Grail SumGrail.png 26
Circuit Circuit.png 27
Cynet Cynet.png 28
Last Letter LastLetter.png 28
Fury StepFury.png 29
Lifesword LifeSword.png 29
Resonate Resonate.png 30
Rock Tomb RockTomb Fix.png 30
Spell Shield SpellShield.png 31
Stasis Stasis.png 31
Salvage Salvage.png 32
Soul Fire SoulFire.png 32
Tri Force TriForce.png 36
Skipper Skipper.png 36
Sunshine Sunshine.png 37
Time Stop TimeStop.png 37
Gambit Gambit.png 38
Blink Blink.png 41
Ambient Burst AmbientBurst.png 42
Vivisection Vivisection.png 43
Unleash Unleash.png 43
Midnight Midnight.png 44
Weed Wacker WeedWacker.png 45
Wonder Wonder.png 46
Overload Overload.png 47
Inverter Inverter.png 47
Haven Haven.png 49
Salvo Salvo.png 53
Stinger Stinger.png 55

Unlockable Artifacts[edit | edit source]

Spell Icon Unlock Level
Pet Dragon PetDragon.png 2
Molten Core MoltenCore.png 4
Frostmail Frostmail.png 5
Icing Icing.png 7
Snow Boots SnowBoots.png 7
Cold Pressed Juice ColdPressedJuice.png 8
Hardened Shields HardenedShields.png 9
Acupuncture Acupuncture.png 10
Grip Tape GripTape.png 11
Masonjar MasonJar.png 11
Cassidy's Scarf CassidyScarf.png 12
Ninjutsu Ninjutsu.png 13
Immune System ImmuneSystem.png 14
Shadow Toxin ShadowToxin.png 14
Resistant Strain ResistantStrain.png 16
Chaos Fragment ChaosFrag.png 17
Thorn Thorn.png 18
Dart Frog DartFrog.png 18
Vaccine Vaccine.png 19
Unicorn Bomb UnicornBomb.png 19
Flechette Flechette.png 20
Pet Kitty PetKitty.png 21
Pocket Sand PocketSand.png 22
Phase Plates PhasePlates.png 23
Daffodil Daffodil.png 33
Lilac Lilac.png 33
Spellthief License SpellthiefLicense.png 34
Tessellate Tessellate.png 35
Stoplight Stoplight.png 35
Candy Wrapper CandyWrapper.png 38
Mother Mother.png 39
Trifrost Trifrost.png 39
Goldfish Goldfish.png 40
Duel Disk DuelDisk.png 40
Pet Fox PetFox.png 41
Transcendence Transcendence.png 42
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