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Weapons are spells usable by the heroes of One Step From Eden, but are not discarded upon use - allowing for potentially infinite reuse. The damage they deal is not affected by Defense.pngDefense, often making them a reliable fallback, especially during Shuffle.pngShuffle time. Spells that are weapons no longer become treated as spells.

Hero Weapon Icon Description Mana Cost Damage Shots Tags ID
Gunner M1 Liofire GunnerFrontAll.png Hit all tiles in front. 0 10 1 GunnerMachineFrontAll
Gunner M3 Triwing M3 Triwing.png Shoots 3 ways.
So anyway, I started blasting
0 10 3 Weapon GunnerMachine
Gunner M4 Manafire M4 Manafire.png Fire a piercing shot. Lose 0.5 Mana.pngMana. Restore 1 Mana.pngMana on hit.
Try not to miss.
0 5 1 Weapon GunnerGun
Gunner M2 Hunter Seeker GunnerHoming.png Fire a missile at the closest target. 0 10 1 GunnerMachineHoming
Hazel Mech Wrench Mech Wrench.png Hits one tile in front, give a structure 1 SpellPower.pngSpell Power and 20 Shield.pngShield. Deals 25 dmg to enemies. Anchor.pngAnchor. 0 0 0 Weapon UpgradeWrench
Hazel Dismantle Wrench Dismantle Wrench.png Destroy a structure in front to restore max Mana.pngMana and gain SpellPower.pngSpell Power. Anchor.pngAnchor.
You're broken....I can' fix it.
0 0 1 Weapon DismantleWrench
Reva Reflector Gem Reflector Gem.png Reflect.pngReflects attacks for a short duration.
No u.
1 0 0 Weapon CampaignReflector
Saffron Wristwatch Wristwatch.png Chrono.pngSlow time for 2 seconds.
I swear this thing slows down during meetings
1 0 ChronoGun
Saffron Field Bracer Field Bracer.png Field testing tool, fires little bolts of magic.
0 2 1 Weapon CampaignGun
Selicy Fairfrozen Fairfrozen.png Dash and hit 4 times, move on the enemy field for 0.5 seconds. You can cast spells during this attack. 0 10 4 Weapon SelicyStep
Selicy Snowpiercer Snowpiercer.png Dash to deal 80 dmg and restore 1 Mana.pngMana per Frost.pngFrost stack on target. Remove target's Frost.pngFrost.
Pierce the heathens!
1 10 1 Weapon SelicyFrostStep
Shiso Lynchpin Lynchpin.png Deals dmg equal to half of your Money-icon.pngMoney. Lose 3 Money-icon.pngMoney but gain 10 Money-icon.pngMoney Execute.pngwhen this kills an enemy. Anchor.pngAnchor.
Bullets are expensive!
0 X 1 Weapon ShisoGun
Shiso Knifetrick Knifetrick.png Catch to add a Kunai.pngKunai to your deck.
Don't try this at home.
1 0 1 Weapon KunaiCatch
Shopkeeper Payback Payback.png Throw Money-icon.pngMoney at enemies, bounces off targets.
Shut up and take my money!
0 10 1 Weapon ShopkeeperGun
Terra Terraform Terraform.png Beam TileBreak.pngBreaks 4 tiles away. 1 20 1 Weapon Terraform
Terra Terraflare Terraflare.png Creates a Flame.pngFlame 4 tiles away. 2 10 1 Weapon Terraflare
Violette Grace Grace.png Does a different effect depending on where you move.
1 0 1 Weapon ViGun
Violette Fermata Fermata.png Gain 10 Poison.pngPoison and restore 1.5 Mana.pngMana per second Channel.pnguntil you move. 1 0 999 Weapon ViCharge
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