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A world is a sequence of zones. Worlds contain series of stages of enemies, a Miniboss and a boss. 8 worlds are played through in a run. Worlds with the player character as bosses are omitted from being in a run. Shopkeeper is an exception to this, as she gets an additional world in her route.

Fire[edit | edit source]

World Fire.png

Saffron[edit | edit source]

Gunner[edit | edit source]

Arctic[edit | edit source]

World Arctic.png

Selicy[edit | edit source]

Stage 0 Enemy Sets
Set 1 Manticore
Set 2 Lurker
Set 3 Sniper
Set 4 Shardshooter
Set 5 Minfrost
Set 6 Reaper
Stage 1 Enemy Sets
Set 1 Icefactory
Set 2 Manticore Hailcaster
Set 3 Reaper Minfrost Minfrost
Set 4 Shardshooter Sniper
Set 5 Reaper Manticore
Set 6 Manticore Sniper
Set 7 Hailcaster Sniper
Stage 2 Enemy Sets
Set 1 Icefactory Reaper
Set 2 Hailcaster Lurker
Set 3 Reaper Reaper Minfrost
Set 4 Hailcaster Reaper Minfrost
Set 5 Hailcaster Sniper Minfrost
Set 6 Sniper Lurker
Set 7 Sniper Minfrost Lurker
Set 8 Icefactory Sniper
Stage 3 Enemy Sets
Set 1 Icefactory Reaper Lurker2
Set 2 Lurker Lurker2 Lurker
Set 3 Reaper Reaper2 Reaper
Set 4 Lurker2 Reaper2 Lurker
Set 5 Lurker2 Hailcaster Lurker
Set 6 Lurker2 Hailcaster ShardShooter
Set 7 Reaper Minfrost Lurker Minfrost
Set 8 Sniper Reaper2 Reaper2
Miniboss Enemy Sets
Set 1 Reaper2 Minfrost2 Monolithice
Set 2 Icefactory2 Hailcaster2 Monolithice
Set 3 Lurker2 Lurker2 Monolithice
Set 4 Icefactory2 Lurker2 Monolithice
Set 5 Hailcaster2 Lurker2 Monolithice
Boss Sets
Boss Selicy (Boss)

Violette[edit | edit source]

Ruins[edit | edit source]

World Ruins.png

Reva[edit | edit source]

Terra[edit | edit source]

Forest[edit | edit source]

World Forest.png

Hazel[edit | edit source]

Shiso[edit | edit source]

Eden[edit | edit source]

World Wasteland.png

Pacifist[edit | edit source]

Normal[edit | edit source]

World Eden.png

Genocide[edit | edit source]

Modifiers[edit | edit source]

Dark[edit | edit source]

When the player ends the previous world with full health, for the first branching path of a world, the path furthest down will be denoted with a red line and have a red zone icon along the bottom path, denoting that said path will change the world to its dark variant. When entering a dark path, all zones for the rest of that path become dark. Dark zones have the following properties:

  • "Dark" is appended to the end of the world name
  • The background changes to a more ominous background
  • All enemies become raised by one tier, up to a maximum of 4
  • If the zone is a Shop, the Shopkeeper will sell items for Health-icon.pngHP instead of Money-icon.pngMoney and the price is doubled.
  • If the zone is a Treasure zone, each chest will become replaced with a Cursed Chest.

Unplayable Worlds[edit | edit source]

Tutorial[edit | edit source]

The first area the player will encounter.

Automatia[edit | edit source]

A test world.

Defaultia[edit | edit source]

A test world.

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