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The Worlds you traverse on the way to Eden are made up of sequences of Zones. Each zone you enter is identified with a specific symbol, allowing you to plan out your routes. Routes are composed of several zones, leading to a Boss zone. Zones can be passed through by more than one route. Upon most zone completions, a reward choice is given between 3 random spells.

Zone List[edit | edit source]

Symbol Name Description Notes
Zone Battle.png Battle Battle zones contain a straightforward combat encounter, used to gain experience and Money-icon.pngMoney.
Zone Campsite.png Camp Camp zones contain a campfire which drops 250 HP total in Health-icon.pngHeals, a Bunny, and the Shiso/Gunner assists, if active. There can only be one of these zones per world. Clearing this zone does not grant rewards.
Zone Shop.png Shop The Shop zone contains the Shopkeeper, who enables usage of her Shop to trade Money-icon.pngMoney for items. There can only be up to one Shop zone per world, regardless of type. If playing as the Shopkeeper, or if the Shopkeeper has been killed, Shop zones will be replaced with another combat zone. Clearing this zone does not grant rewards.
Zone DarkShop.png Dark Shop The Dark Shop zone also contains the Shopkeeper, but this time she enables usage of her Shop to spend health on items. The Dark Shop replaces the Shop zone in Dark worlds. Clearing this zone does not grant rewards.
Zone Treasure.png Treasure Treasure zones contain a timed treasure chest and untimed Serapiles.
Zone Danger.png Hazard Hazard zones contain a normal combat encounter, but adds random Hazards, Hostages, and timed Serapiles, making combat more chaotic. Upon battle completion, a reward choice is given between 3 random pre-upgraded spells instead of normal spells.
Zone Distress.png Distress Call A Distress zone contains one of three scripted combat scenarios with 1 to 2 Hostages. Hostages are in the line of fire and will die without intervention. With Hell Pass 11 active, Evil Hostages have a chance of replacing the regular hostages. These cannot be saved and must be fought along with the structures.
Zone Miniboss.png Miniboss A Miniboss zone is a combat encounter with stronger enemies and sometimes includes hazards, hostages and timed Serapiles. Upon completion instead of Spells a reward between 2 Artifacts is given: one random and one of 4 preset: Bandage.pngBandage, LuckBox.pngLuck Box, PaperWallet.pngPaper Wallet or Undershirt.pngUndershirt. A bouns 5 Luck.pngLuck is applied for the reward. There can only be one of these zones per world.
Zone Boss.png Boss The Boss zone is a one-on-one combat encounter with one of the game's Bosses, determined by what world the player is on. There can only be one of these zones per world, and a Boss zone will always be the second-last zone per world. Sparing a boss will forfeit the spell and artifact rewards.
Zone World.png World The final zone in most worlds. Teleports the player to a new world, denoted by the icon of the world. All world zones in final areas lead to the credits.
World Arctic.png
World Fire.png
World Forest.png
World Ruins.png
World Wasteland.png
Selicy Saffron Hazel Reva Pacifist
Violette Gunner Shiso Terra Normal
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